Ross Felty, a Real Estate Law Firm

Ross Felty, a Real Estate Law Firm approaches every matter with the utmost professionalism, while maintaining a personal and comfortable approach. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver extraordinary service. The firm’s staff consists of savvy and kind professionals from varying backgrounds and experiences, who pride themselves in providing competent and efficient service to clients. The staff’s diverse background ensures that there is always someone able to assist the firm’s clients with their real estate matters, regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of the transaction. The firm handles various matters for clients including basic real estate closings as well as complex real estate and business transactions including, but not limited to:
The firm’s clients include, by example, real estate investors, financial institutions and mortgage lenders, landlords and tenants business entrepreneurs and real estate brokers along with purchasers and sellers of all types of properties, real estate developers, businesses and entities.
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